The above purchase orders and documents show that the Mickey Evans 45 was limited to a release of 250 copies, and dated April 26, 1957. For Fine label fetishists, this explains the weird numbering codes Vince Jan used on some of his releases. Mickey Evans is Fine FI-4M2657. 4th month, 26th day 1957. That's the date the order for copies was placed. We've had second thoughts about placing the audio here. Ersel Hickey is still recording and performing, so permissions should be sought.

meanwhile here's a link to the Ersel Hickey story


Mickey Evans recorded and released a 45 "You're No Good!!" b/w "Then I'll Be Happy" at Fine in April 1957 before changing his name to Ersel Hickey and hitting the bigtime with "Bluebirds Over The Mountain" in 1958. This small master tape reel found in the studio remains contains 2 early songs recorded at the same sessions, but never released (as far as I can tell). "I'm Walkin'" and "Street Car Of Desire"