starting with those records which were found in the studio remains which have been confirmed as FINE label or custom FINE recordings. Thanks to Chuck Ciriello for help with compiling this discography

60's (& 70s!) GARAGE & SURF

BLADES OF GRASS - it isn't easy / my someone
Fine FI-57027 - good-to-very good melodic garage rock
1,010 copies ordered May 27th 1970

DARELYCKS - bad trip / wait for me
Fine FI-111 - great early non-psychedelic garage.
1,000 copies ordered, November 15th 1966

YOUNG TYRANTS - she don't got the right / i try!
In FI-11M67101 - monster five-star 2-sided garage
500 copies ordered, October 10th, 1967

CRYSTAL REVELTION - life / for me
Fine FI-2709 - great subtly psychedelic garage rock
1,000 copies ordered, February 9th, 1970

LITTLE PEPPY with THE BARE EXISTENCE - it can happen!! / since you've gone away
Fine FI-9M25664 - excellent melodic girl garage/pop singer with garage band backing
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1,000), September 25th, 1966

BEETHOVEN'S DREAM GROUP - tobacco road / cat's squirrel
In FI-11M67102 - later-sounding Cream-influenced cover versions
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1,000), November 10th, 1967

PIDGIE - back where you belong / go!
In FI-11M67104 - borderline amateur girl singer teamed with competent garage band
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), November 10th, 1967

MEADOW - you don't know the pain / corona moon
Fine 11369 - a-side very good but later-sounding melodic garage, b-side dreamy psych
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), November 3rd, 1969 (to be confirmed)

THE VISTAS - no return / moon relay
Tuff 990 - both sides killer surf instros, this disc is one of the classic Fine recordings, a gem
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), recorded September 7th, 1964, 7:30-9:00 pm

MILK & COOKIES  - pushin' / the time has come
Fine FI-5707 - heavy garage rock with hammond, cream/santana influences etc.
515 copies delivered November 6th, 1970. Queen City pressing

THE CAVEMEN - all about love / bo diddley
Capitol Star Artist - 18285 - monster garage 2-sider, suffers from poor sound. Masters with alternate versions of both songs were found in the remains, still quite ragged, but better sound.
unknown quantity pressed, unknwn date. Fine had some kind of licensing connection with Capitol.

TERRY PILITTERE - it's not that way / you wouldn't believe me
Fine Acetate - no number - two fine late 60's psych'y ballads - released on Nu-Sound 6112 (thank you Brian). Pilittere was formerly involved with the Wee Four, a fantastic Rochester garage band who released one 45 on Nu-Sound 6111, "Weird / Give Me A Try"

50's / EARLY 60's ROCK 'N' ROLL, & related

MICKEY EVANS (ERSEL HICKEY) - you're no good!! / then i'll be happy
Fine FI-4M2657 - excellent early primitive rockabilly, just vocals and acoustic guitar
250 copies ordered April 26th, 1957

MICKEY EVANS (ERSEL HICKEY) - you're no good!! / blank
Fine FI-4M2657A - same as above, a-side only test pressing
one copy pressed April 1957

VEL-TONES with THE BLUE SHELDS - cal's tune / playboy
Coy C-101- excellent vocal group with rockabilly styled guitar break
unknown quantity ordered (250 or 500), 1959
this 45 on Coy is listed in Goldmine's rarest 100 records, book value $2000

CARL MORELLI - linda lee / gotta lotta lovin' to do
Belmont  BEFI-595 - very good-to-great crude rockabilly
unknown quantity ordered (250 or 500), May 1959 (to be confirmed)

JERRY JAYE - going to the river / a cottage for sale
Fine FI -1258 side a is an excellent rockabilly cover of fats domino tune, jaye's first release
unknown quantity ordered (250 or 500), December 1958 (to be confirmed)

FRANK SANDY with the MEL THOMAS TRIO - somebody loves me / tarrantela rock
Fine F12-1571 - a side is lounge rock vocal, b-side is great raunchy sax r&r instro
unknown quantity ordered (250 or 500), December 1957

BERNIE CAMPBELL & THE 4 EKKOS - baby, you belong to me / will i ever find my baby?
Fine F10-26571 - a side nice vocal harmony, b-side very good gentle rocker
500 copies ordered, October 26th, 1957. Backing by the Blue Strings Orchestra
14 year old Bernie sings nice song written by 8 year old Katherine Giancursio, Vince Jan's daughter

LONNIE MAE with GENE & HIS SATELITES - record hop dream / i cried a teen age tear
Fine FI-601120 (picture sleeve) - co-written by Lonnie Mae & Vince Jan, backed by Gene Cornish
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), presumably 20th November 1960

THE DEL-BROOKS - darling barbara / thunderbird
Kid K-101 - 14 year old Phil Hirsch sings r&r ballad, and plays a mean rockabilly styled instro b-side
unknown quantity ordered (probably 500), unknown date (probably 1959 or 1960)

JOY PALMER - daddy, daddy / lover man (oh where can you be)
Fine 3M2359 - excellent female vocal rockabilly (Mrs. Arlene Joy Palumbo)
unknown quantity ordered. recorded on March 23, 1959 7:30-10:30 pm.
musicians included Don Manning, Joseph Giancursio, Donald Ames, Robert Kloess, Eugene Varrenti

JOY PALMER - daddy, daddy / lover man (oh where can you be)
Belmont BEFI-596 - exactly the same record as above, on a different Fine custom label
unknown quantity ordered.

THE BABY DOLLS - who are the baby dolls / never again
Skyline 21264 - both sides decent mid 50's rock n roll,10 years too late. both sides co-written by vince jan
unknown quantity ordered (probably 500), December 2nd, 1964

TWO KATS AND A KITTEN - kit kat rock / perfidia
Fine FI-4M1857 - a-side a decent 50's rocker, b-side by Alberto Dominguez first recorded 1943 by Nat King Cole
500 copies ordered April 18th 1957

CARL BENWARE - lust a moment, linda / the "lovebug" itch
Fine FI-11M361 - both sides original songs. a-side melodic ballad, b-side good 50's style rocker
Audition tapes exist for this young singer, a true discovery and protege of Vince Jan
500 copies ordered November 3rd, 1961.

VIC PERNELL - answer me / too late to tell you
Tone FI-7M9655 - jazz/lounge/rock-n-roll crossover, typical of many Vince Jan projects. b-side quite good
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), 9th July 1965

LARRY SHORT - shake a hand / still
Fine L-1111 - good 50's rocker, backed with c&w flavored ballad. Singer, electric band and chorus
unknown quantity ordered, unknown date (may have invoices, will have to check later)

RED ARROW AND THE BRAVES - the last days of kinzua (parts 1&2)
Kinzua - KI-101 - these are completely different, rejected versions of "kinzua". Thanks to Chuck Ciriello for this information (see next entry also)
unknown quantity ordered, unknown date (for now, probably circa 1963)  

RED ARROW AND THE BRAVES - last days of kinzua / redskin rumble
Kinzua - KI-101 - The song is about the violation of George Washington's treaty with Cornplanter,  the great chief of the Seneca Indian nation, resulting in the 1963 building of the Kinzua Dam on the Allegany river that flooded Seneca land forever. (description courtesy Patricia Kennealy Morrison).
unknown quantity ordered, unknown date (for now, probably circa 1963)   

DANNY MAYO - pretty baby rock / my love for you
X MONITOR - MO -103 - great twangin' rockabilly, sounds a bit like cross between "great balls of fire" and "somethin' else" in equal measure. Written by Pat Alaimo, lots of other "Alaimo" tapes found in the remains    
unknown quantity ordered, unknown date

EDDIE KANE with the girl friends - love me baby / mushroom in the sky
Kadet K-101 (1&2) - nice 50's rocker with male vocal, female chorus, sax/guitar/piano/bass/drums
unknown quantity ordered, unknown date

RONNY HINES - that's all right / i've got a woman
ROCKET R-7143 - 2 Elvis covers performed in wild rockabilly style, with hilarious gaffes a-plenty
unknown quantity ordered, unknown date

JIM LAURRO AND HIS ORCHESTRA - jive train / woke up this morning
Fine F8-2157 - the missing link between early 50's style lounge/jazz and Little Richard. A-side instro, b-side vocals
"Pee Wee" Ellis - tenor sax, Joe Personte - trumpet, Willie Bryant - trombone, Jim Laurro - piano, Dick Sampson - bass, Val Colombo - drums, sung by King George
500 copies ordered, 21st August 1957. Masters sold to the Adora Recording Co., May 1958

THE FOUR COUNTS - fanny mae / graduation
Fine FI-7M2562 - (picture sleeve) a-side decent 50's style rocker, b-side ballad
unknown quantity ordered, July 2nd, 1956. Vocal Phil Trunzo with the Tomlinson Sisters

THE GLENNIE BROTHERS - beach talk / someone
Fine 6M1362 - (picture sleeve) - a-side Everly Brothers style novelty, b-side folk rock circa 1962!
unknown quantity ordered (probably 500), June 13th, 1962

THE GLENNIE BROTHERS - the merry "twistmas" / snowflakes (are falling)
Fine FI-11M1461 - christmas novelty folky pop vocal duo. b-side novelty ballad
unknown quantity ordered (probably 500), November 14th, 1961

NICK GILLETTE - why / green onions
Diamond - DI-1173 - a-side soulish vocal ballad written by Gillette. b-side instro electric organ with beatbox
unknown quantity ordered, unknown date. Recorded at Fine, this release better described as "Fine-related"

SHORTY PRESCOTT'S VELVET TONES - bring it on home to me / honky tonk-today
Velvet - 1015 - good tear-jerkin' version of the Sam Cooke ballad. B-side is a good rockin' instro
unknown quantity ordered, unknown date

UNKNOWN 50's ELVIS SOUNDALIKE (GENO?) - crawling back for more / don't leave me lonely
no label (either worn off by the flood, or it was a test pressing) - excellent songs, very close imitation of the Elvis sound of the late 50's. This may or may not have been recorded at Fine, but it sounds to me like it was. deadwax markings 13544 and 13542.


SHIRLEY & GEORGE (with THE VISTAS) - so cruel / you're gone
Skyline 11264 - hillbilly couple paired with killer surf combo The Vistas for commercial c&w disc
500 copies ordered, November 2nd, 1964. songs composed by V. Jan and Fine stable songwriters

THE SILVER RUN TROUBADORS - sweet susie jane / saturday night guitar special
Tone FI-7M9651 - hillbilly c&w with guitar pickin' band. b-side instro is pretty good
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), 9th July 1965

ROY BROOKS & THE RANCH VALLEY BOYS - i'll hold you in my heart / miss fitz simmons
Tri-Mi 26053 RE2 - jazz-meets-country-yodel with swing band
unknown quantity ordered, date unknown, suspect 1953

DICK KASPER - so you're tossin' me out babe! / i'm closing this door
In FI-11M67103 - male country singer with organ garage band style backing
500 copies ordered November 10th, 1967

BOB FAVATA - for her love / two as one
Fine FI-1716 - male country singer with good finger pickin' country backing band
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), January 6th, 1971

DAVE WISNER - hey baby! / it's my turn to spend some time with you
Fine FI-24709 - good country. a-side sorta like Johnny Cash
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1,000), 1970

BILLY COLE - statue of a fool / six days on the road
Fine FI-742 - b-side is good country, another one in the Johnny Cash mould
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1,000), February 1974

EARL SPENCER - she cheats on me / four walls
Fine FI-1071 - both sides country ballad covers with smooth male vocals and pedal steel band
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000, hundreds of ruined copies found), October 1971

HANK MARSHALL - crazy heart / my shoes keep walking back to you
Fine FI-7M9657 - hank williams & guy mitchell c&w covers, strong but hokey male vocal & pedal steel band
unknown  quantity ordered (probably 500), 9th July 1965

CHARLIE PAYNE - this little girl / my woman, my woman, my wife
Fine FI-764 - smooth 70's c&w, saccharine ballads dedicated to wife and daughter
unknown quantity ordered (probably 500, some with pic inserts) April 1976

FLOYD MEACHAM - just the way i am / like me, like you
Fine FI-753 - 2 original c&w songs in willie nelson style. are there collectors for rare c&w out there?
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000, many died in flood), March 1973

THE LONGHORNS - i'm riding on a moonbeam / i'm gonna win someday!
Fine FI-691 - hillbilly vocal with banjo pickin' country band
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), January 1969

B.J. - rain / goin' home
Fine FI-4708 - acoustic folk singer, original songs with paul simon flavor
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), April 8th, 1970

ANGEL LUIS COLON - coraz'on de melon / tiniebla
Fine FI-725 - spanish vocal with acoustic folk guitar and percussion, bolero
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), May 1975

FRANKLIN AND ROOSEVELT - dreamin' keeps you happy
Fine FI-4797 - psych-y folk duo aspire to simon & garfunkel sound. group included F. Cardella
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), April 7th, 1979

BOBBY PETERS AND HIS COUNTRY COUSINS - blues tears / love's gonna live here again/act naturally
Fine FI-732 - straight c&w, 70's style
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000, many flood deaths) February 1973

DICK JOPSON - today, i started loving you again / folsom prison blues
Fine FI-763 - decent johnny cash cover on b-side
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000) - September 1963

LONGHORNS - you're rockin' the boat / no man at all
Fine - FI-2M8671 - drunken country & western fun - "let that ol' whiskey flow"
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000) - February 8th, 1967. Bell acetate exists dated 2/17/67

DAVE WISNER & HIS HAPPY HAYSEEDS - let me have memories of you / up jump the devil
Tone - FI-7M9656 - (picture sleeve) a-side hillbilly c&w male vocal, b-side country hoe-down with banjo, fiddle
unknown quantity ordered (probably 500), July 9th, 1965

DON AND TONY WITH THE NIGHTHAWKS - prisoners tears / little liza jane
Capitol Star Artist - superior mournful c&w "condemned prisoner" ballad, b-side lively electric c&w instro
unknown quantity pressed, unknown date. Specultaing this is Fine-related, several trashed copies were found, and it has "the sound", which is pretty easy to recognise after you've heard 3,000 master tapes!

GEORGE ARNOLD - next time we meet / king of all the queens
Prairie 8-1000 - Johnny Cash style c&w on both sides. Several copies were found in the remains, and it sounds like a Fine recording. However, this is speculation, so a provisional entry.

GEORGE ARNOLD - young men see visions / two different dreams
Prairie 8-1005 - Johnny Cash style c&w on both sides. Several copies were found in the remains, and it sounds like a Fine recording. However, this is speculation, so a provisional entry.

JAY DEE SMITH - bottom of the glass / crying inside
Fine FI-10715 - Another Johnny Cash style effort, points for original compositions
unknown quantity ordered, unknown date. It's hidden in the serial code somewhere, perhaps 5th October, 1971.


THE GOSPEL HI-LITES - too far to turn around / ease my troublin' mind
Fine FI-1073 - excellent motown soul styled male vocal group with soul band backing
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), October 1973 (to be confirmed)

BIBLE AIRES SPIRITUAL SINGERS (BELLE AIRES) - how he died on cavalry / you better get ready
Fine FI-6701 - excellent male vocal with female backing, garage-band style rhythm group
500 copies ordered, January 1967 (to be confirmed)

THE RADIO GOSPEL KINGS - radio gospel theme / dry bones
Tone FI-7M9652 - excellent male vocal gospel chorus from PA
500 copies ordered, July 9th, 1965

THE RADIO GOSPEL KINGS - i found jesus / glad news
Fine FI-6703 - excellent male vocal gospel chorus from PA
500 copies ordered, June 3rd, 1970

THE BRIGHT CLOUDS - certainly lord! / someone is knocking at your door!
Fine FI-77010 - excellent gritty male gospel screamer with rockin' r&b electric rhythm band
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), July 10th, 1970

i know i've been converted (a-side misprint, should be "called up to meet him")
Tone FI-7M9654 - excellent male gospel vocal band with weavers folk-style acoustic band
unknown quantity ordered (probably 500), July 9th, 1965

THE GOSPEL ECHOES - sinners run to jesus / i claim jesus
Tone FI-7M9653 - excellent female vocal-led rockin' gospel choir with piano
unknown quantity ordered (probably 500), July 9th, 1965

ROYAL HARMONIER SINGERS - peace in the valley / i want to know
Fine FI-1M862 - really something special, especially the b-side, excellent gospel vocals
unknown quantity ordered (probably 500), January 8th, 1962.

THE B.C. HARMONIZERS - you ought to been there / there will be no more tomorrow
Fine FI-769 - killer, fantastic gospel track, with electric blues style rhythm backing, screaming vocals
1,000 copies ordered June 4th, 1969

THE SONS OF DAVID - there's a man taking names / my work will be done
Fine FI-47110 - killer screaming gospel with funky garage rhythm band backing (b-side)
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1,000), April 10th, 1971 (sounds earlier, but isn't)

THE SPIRITUAL JUBILATORS - no graves / precious lord
Fine FI-1715 - killer 2-sided male vocal group blues screamer, with electric guitar backing
unknown quantity ordered, January 5th, 1971 (sounds earlier, but isn't)

A.M.C. MALE CHORUS - he's sweet i know / is god satisfied with me?
Fine FI-7510 - b-side excellent gritty male vocals plus chorus and rockin' electric soul band
unknown quantity ordered, (500 or 1000), probably October 1975

A.M.C. MALE CHORUS - he's sweet i know / is god satisfied with me?
same as above, test pressing without vocals
probably one copy only pressed, probably around October 1975

THE MIGHTY SONS - jesus delivered daniel / stand by me
In FI-402 - both sides sensational blues r&b ballads with screaming vocals, rockin' band
both sides appear to be original songs, in any case "stand by me" is not the well-known song
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1,000), date unknown however all IN label releases appear to be 1967

THE PENTECOSTALAIRES - make me humble / the lord is ever near
Fine FI-752 - probably the only mundane gospel record on the Fine label, this is what i thought all the
gospel records were going to be like...until i played them!
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), February 1975

THE FULL GOSPEL FELLOWSHIP (YOUTH CHOIR OF ROCHESTER, NY) - yes, jesus loves me / i was glad
Fine FI-3702 - ok, there may have been 2 mundane gospel records on the label. this is the other one.
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), March 2nd, 1970

AL PARRIS AND THE GOSPEL BAND - sinner man / packin' up
F.C.D. 103 - decent jazzy r&b band with female gospel vocals. b-side mostly instro
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), date unknown, sounds early 70's

AL PARRIS AND THE GOSPEL BAND - sinner man / packin' up
Queen City 58511 - test pressing of above
probably one only copy pressed

THE INSPIRATIONAL GOSPEL SINGERS - i feel the spirit / the same thing it took
Fine FI-176 - truly sensational aretha-franklin style screaming gospel, with super-funky electric band
both sides are original compositions, extremely talented band and singers
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), January 1976. one of the last Fine 45rpm records.

JOE CARTER AND THE PILGRIM GOSPEL SINGERS - when i call mother (parts 1 & 2)
Fine FI-5731 - excellent slow and soulful bluesy r&b, with gritty male rapping vocal
unknown quantity pressed (probably 500), March 1957

J.J.&J. MODERNAIRES - my life will be sweeter / servant of the lord
Fine FI-749 - a-side ballad, b-side excellent swinging r&b band with gritty vocal group
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000, hundreds died in flood), September, 1974

J.J.&J. MODERNAIRES - my life will be sweeter / servant of the lord
Queen City 410320 - test pressing of above, but completely different versions
probably one only copy pressed, around August 1974

THE GOSPEL TONE SPIRITUAL SINGERS - what manner of man is this / where could i go, but to the lord!
Fine FI-735 - both sides powerful and melodic screaming gospel r&b killers.
this band featured 2 equally fine male lead singers, Noble Houston and Simon Lowe, Jr.
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), May 1973

THE GOSPEL TONES spiritual singers - moses / sinner man!
Fine FI-726 - another 2-sided winner from Houston & Lowe
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), June 1972

THE HOLY MIRACLES - Keep On Holding On / Higher Ground
Fine acetate - no numbers - Miracles-flavoured r&b with male & falsetto gospel vocals. very good.
not known if this was ever released



SOUL BROTHERS SIX - i don't want to cry / move girl
Fine FI-9M25661 - a-side great soul ballad, b-side killer "cool jerk" style soul/garage crossover
500 copies ordered September 25th, 1966. One of the best of all Fine releases. Killer out-takes exist.

LEE TAYLOR & SOUL TWISTERS, LTD. - 151 rome proof / girl's games
Fine FI-2702 - a great funk instro 2-sider. Sounds 60's but is from 1970. Many Lee Taylor mastertapes with
unreleased tracks were found in the remains. Great stuff!
Unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), 2nd February 1970

CANDY AND THE WHALERS - rebecca, get your basket / the devil is gonna get you!
Fine FI-6709 - decent amalgam of blues, soul and jazz, gritty male vocals by William "Candy" Stephenson
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), June 9th, 1970

THE DARLING DEARS with FUNKY HEAVY PROD. - i don't think i'll ever love another / and i love you
Fine FI-729 - funky experimental soul outfit, female vocals with electric band, wah-wah
unknown quantity ordered (probably 1,000 several hundred of which died in the flood), September 1972


JIMMY BRITTON - you are too beautiful / you do something to me
Fine FI-7-555 - sinatra-style lounge vocalist with trumpet, accordian, bass & drums
unknown quantity ordered July 5th, 1955. Break resistant.

JERRY CORNELL with the MICHAEL CASCHETTI QUINTET - st. louis blues / please don't talk about me
Fine FI-55-3-31 - trad jazz quintet with male vocal, and muted trumpet by Freddie Beck
unknown quantity ordered March 31st 1955

TREBLE CLEFS - if i ruled the world + 3
Fine FI-12748 - straight-laced female choir with piano accompaniment
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), December 8th, 1974

JAN CURSIO & HIS ORCHESTRA (VINCE JAN) - mr. santa's on his way / christmas time
Fine FI-102 - possibly the most mundane form of musical experience imaginable. sleigh-bell lounge music.
both sides co-written by Joe Giancursio, presumably a relative of Vince Jan
1000 copies ordered October 24th, 1966

mr. santa's on his way! / christmas time
In FI-11M67105 - exactly the same record as above, re-released the following christmas, which raises the
disturbing probability that the first pressing must have actually sold out.
unknown quantity ordered (probably 1,000), November 10th, 1967

JUNE DAVIS - imagination / lonesome road
Fine FI-2559 - strong-voiced female lounge vocalist with jazz band, similar to Judy Garland etc.
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1,000), February 9th, 1955

THE REFLECTIONS - oodles of poodles / it's not good that we're apart
Fine FI-688 - very smooth lounge/jazz with female vocal, written by j. giancursio. sounds 50's but isn't
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), August 1968

JOSEPH FRICANO - blessed everlasting peace / WINIFRED CREDIT - dear god, be with our sons
Fine FI-6112M7 - this is one for Fine Record label completists only. Believe me!
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), July 12, 1961

ROMOLO DESPIRITO - gonna build me a mountain / tomorrow never comes
Fine FI-107115 - can't understand the appeal of this. classical baritone, singing essentially fluff
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000), October 15th, 1971

FRAN TAYLOR - tattletale tears / my heart is on my sleeve
Fine FI-1072 - female vocalist, lounge music dirges, sounding 50's rather than 70's
unknown quantity ordered (500 or 1000, 100's died in flood), October 1072. Real name Josephine Madison

DUKE SPINNER - that old feeling / i'll always be in love with you
Monitor - 59 J-101 - jazz baritone, with piano/guitar/bass/drums
unknown quantity ordered, presumably 1959

DUKE SPINNER ORCHESTRA - ashes / before you go
Fine FI-4M5828 - no copies were found, however complete documentation was recovered
500 copies planned, recorded 2:15 to 5:15 pm April 28, 1958

LEN CALA - a child of war / the result
In Shallah - JU-1076 - tear-jerking orchestrated pop ballad about nuclear destruction. "Your daddy went out to bring home some bread, the crying began Lord, your daddy was DEAD"! Heavy stuff. Len Cala had an LP on Fine.
unknown quantity pressed, unknown date

JOHN GARIPPA WITH THE 4 EKKOS - summertime / you'd be so nice to come home to
Fine - FI-11M261 - gershwin & cole porter tunes, smooth lounge/jazz backing
unknown quantity ordered, 2nd November 1961

HELEN CHRISTY - please love me / love was passing me by
Fine 2M2458 - sultry female vocalist with lounge/jazz band, incl. electric guitar. b-side lounge/jazz instro
500 copies ordered, February 24th, 1958

JULIE FRANCES - too romantic / sing an old fashioned song (to a young sophisticated lady)
Fine FI-2M2458 - superior female jazz/lounge vocalist with jazz combo
500 copies ordered, February 24th 1958, delayed until March 12th

CLIFF DUPHINY and his organ with a beat  - sentimental journey / this love of mine
Fine FI-5M1458 - cheezy and "incredibly strange" lounge instro, one man band organ
unknown quantity ordered (probably 500), May 14th, 1958

THE JIMMY STEWART TRIO - easy going / blue mist
Fine - FI-4M1557 - yes it's cheezy and incredibly strange, but it's also very good, atmospheric jazz/lounge
250 copies ordered April 15th, 1957

Fine LB-615 - performed by senior high school chorus, one-sided record
unknown quantity ordered. Record dated "1961" on label, confirms Fine date/serial code law (615=June 1961)

Fine FI-4-764 - i played this at the wrong speed and thought it was great. It's a 33rpm e.p., classical singer
unknown quantity ordered, unknown date (probably April 7th, 1964)