The following is a preliminary list of garage-related tapes or acetates which I have found so far in the
Fine remains. This list does not include rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, soul, or late 60's psych and progressive
music. Those titles will be added as soon as the garage/punk excavation work has been completed. I'm
very interested in the possibility of contacting members of any of these groups, with the idea of
obtaining a scan or photo of the group, to be included on this site. Please contact me (curator, email
address on home page

Bare Existence - Long Tall Shorty, Somebody To Love, Instro (all great)
Buffalo Group - Gloria (great!), Summertime
The Bunch - Do The Jump (killer!), As Long As She Is There, Boys, Heart Of Stone (all great!)
The Cavemen - All About Love (completely different faster version, no fx or whistles, MONSTER!), Bo Diddley (2
diff versions, killers)
The Dynamics - She Just Don't Care (killer), Let's Dance
The Invictas - Watusi (5 MONSTER versions!), Twist & Shout (great)
The IV Bidden - Sick And Lonely (MONSTER!), Girl Be On Your Way (2 versions, killers)
The Method - Free As The Wind (5 versions, great) + one bad song
Nino & The Night Riders - Come On Up, Louie Louie (5 min version, great)
The Pharohs - Lookin' For Girls, I Knew You Lied To Me, Isle Of Love, Rich To Rags, Since You Been Gone, The
Mummy (instro, my title) (all KILLERS!)
The Sound Of Mind - Last Road Going Down (great), Pain (killer), Dear Sue, You're Gonna Make It
The Quirks Hey Girl (killer!), It's Alright, Slow Down, Instro, Empty Heart
The Preechers - Where Can You Go, Real Fine Time (great)
The Young Tyrants - I Try (3 versions incl scream version, killers), She Aint Got The Right (2 killer alternate
versions), Girl (original), Light My Fire, To Love Somebody
The Blades Of Grass - What She Does To My Mind, It Aint Easy, My Someone, Lady Time, Shopkeeper, The U.G.
(all great)
The Crystal Revelation - alternate versions of both sides of "Life" 45, plus one other original song
The Darelycks - both songs, same versions
Little Peppy & The Bare Existence - many alternate versions
The Tempests - tape of several instrumentals and surf style songs
The Nomads - tape of several instros
The Continentals - tape of several covers
The Jesters - tape of several instros and covers
The Escorts - "Mona Lisa" plus several instros
The 4 Counts - tape of several instros and covers
The Royal Dukes - tape of several instros and covers + one original "Looks Mighty Hairy"
The Vibrotones - "The Rope" + several instros
King Louis & The 3D's - Surfer Girl + 2
The 3 Ekkos - The Beatlemania
Alvin Hamilton & The Soul Kings - Mignight Hour (pron. "Midnight Huvva"!)
Tarantello ? - tape of several instros
Mystery 1 - It's Alright, Louie Louie, As Tears Go By
The Quirks - House Of The Rising Sun, Anytime At All
mystery 2 tracked by Kit Nelson, rhythm founding member & guitarist/vocalist for The Quirks (1964)
Mystery 3 - New Way Of Walking, Mary
Mystery 4 - 2 fuzz instros (probably backing tracks)
Mystery 5 - Iowa Falls + several instros
The Quirks - Slow Down, Tell Me You're Comin Back To Me
mystery 6 tracked by Kit Nelson, rhythm founding member & guitarist/vocalist for The Quirks (1964)
Mystery 7 - Louie Louie (unfinished)
Mystery 8 - Peanut Butter + others
Kathleen Gianncursio - This Is Our Time, Don't Try To Change Us (great girl garage)
mystery 9 tracked by yours truly. Confirmed as Kathleen Giancursio, Vince Jan's daughter & band
Mystery 10 - I Can Do Without You
Mystery 11 - Twist & Shout + 3 instros
Mystery 12 - The Best Way To Your Heart
Mystery 13 - Why Is The World This Way?
Mystery 14 - Why? (girl garage)
Mystery 15 - The Spider (great garage rocker) (now confirmed as The Bluetones)
Mystery 16 - Hey Joe (killer version)
Mystery 17 - I Want You Again (girl garage)
Mystery 18 - Another Summer's Gone
Mystery 19 - 2 more garage instros
Mystery 20 - Palace Of Love (killer garage), + surfy instro
Mystery 21 - Follow Her Home (killer garage), Good Lovin
Mystery 22 - Pretty Girls Everywhere (great rocker), I Touch Your Face
mystery 22 tracked by Chuck Ciriello, Rochester, NY -  confirmed as The Vistas of "Moon Relay" fame. Thanks Chuck!
Mystery 23 - I Don't Want To Love You No More (great!), Gloria
Mystery 24 - Stop Look And Listen (killer), +  instro
Mystery 25 - Stay With Her (great, Hollies-like psych), Mr. Weatherman
House Of Guitars - Games
mystery 26 tracked by Greg Prevost, Rochester NY - believed to be the Churchmice, 1970.  Thanks, Greg!
The Angry Men - The Hullaballoo (killer fuzz garage)
mystery 27 tracked by Mike Fiorica (drums) and Tom Bittle (guitar) of The Angry Men, now confirmed.

One look at the condition of the tapes and the tape boxes as shown in the photos on this site, should
be enough to explain why so many of the groups names are unknown. I'm looking for help to identify
any of these. All credit will be given on this site, Rochester experts or those locals with long memories
please apply!