This is my email to Peter Genovese, drummer for mid-sixties Rochester band, the Heard (famous for the great "Stop It Baby" / "Laugh With The Wind" 45, and his replies (dark red). Thank you Peter for your help in identifying bands found at the Fine Studio. Please refer to the LINKS page on this site for some fantastic photos of  The Heard.

Thank you for the story of how you came to acquire Fine tapes. I’ve shared it with the guys.
I only have a minute now but I can tell you about those times and a few of the groups that you are holding in recorded memory. Jeff Wheat, Gary Quinn and I have been putting a cd together of the Heard that has our recording dates at RCA and Capitol and a live concert we did with Paul Revere and the Raiders in 1965. Were you familiar with the Heard? I was curious how you wound up on the web-site for Bradley?
Tell me what kind of info. you are looking for and I will try to respond

To answer your question first, I found the Brad Wheat site by typing the following keywords into the Google search engine : Invictas + "my band". This led me to the Gary Quinn site and the Brad Wheat memorial page. I was looking for any ex-members of the Invictas because I found a tape containing a great track which also happened to be in a box which was undamaged with legible writing. Although I have known of the Heard for at least 25 years (Stop It Baby was on an early Pebbles which I bought in the late 1970's),

What’s Pebbles?  I have a German release Nineteen Punk Bands but I don’t know Pebbles.

and I also knew the group was based in Rochester, I did not know any names of any of the Heard group members. It was only upon reading your last email that I realised you were in the Heard, wow that's incredible! Which instrument did you play, and did you sing? I have 2 copies of the Heard 45, one in mint condition, and the other one which I use to play. The vinyl on all the Heard 45's is very fragile, and most copies which rarely appear have lots of distortion, especially "Laugh With The Wind". It's incredibly difficult to find a clean copy, but I finally got one.

As for the news of the possibliity of a Heard CD, I am completely knocked out and excited! There would be a ready market for this, because of the legendary status of the Heard via your one-and-only 45. I don't know how many you might expect to sell, but it should be several thousand copies, at a guess. That's assuming the music is from the same era as the "Stop It Baby" 45.

The Heard had a variety of evolutions but the band on Stop it Baby (written by Kerim Capli) and Laugh w/ the Wind (written by Jeff and Brad Wheat) was Jeff Lead vocals and back-up, Bradley Lead some time rhythm vocals and backup (he was the greatest harmony guy ever) Me (Drums, vocals and backup) Kerim Capli Lead guitar and rhythm, harmonica, vocals and backup (an amazing performer), Gary Quinn, bass, vocals and backup. The CD is from masters at Capitol and RCA (including the original masters of the 45) and a live concert which we opened for Paul Revere and the Raiders at the time of release of the 45 so it is that period with live versions of both Stop it Baby and Laugh with the Wind.

Do you have many photos of the band? The ones on the website are fantastic.

These were mostly from my collection.We have lots of Photos and Fan Club Cards and newsletters etc. Right now we are looking at a couple of labels and trying to enhance the live tapes, but I’ll ask for help if we need it as we get closer.  

It was very interesting to read all the memorials on the Brad Wheat site. It seems like Brad must have been a very special guy and great fun, I wonder if any of the material you are considering releasing was written by him? I'm not alone in my belief that the Heard 45 is one of the finest of the era, and both sides are equally great.

Thanks for the compliment I always felt we had our pulse on something special.

As for the groups on the tapes I have, I will start preparing some questions that you may be able to answer. I would like to start with the following :

1 - can you help with names of group members of Groop Ltd., Cavemen, Invictas or any of the others on my earlier list? If you can remember, also the instruments they played?

What you have may not be the original Groop ltd. Which included Jake Gerber on Lead (Check Brad’s site Jake sent a note from San Fran,) Kerim Capli Drums and Vocals, Dick Kirkmeyer (sp ?) Rhythm, and Russ Shad on Bass. They had a 45 Tomorrow and As Time Goes By both sung and written by Kerim. Later Gary Quinn who was in the Preechers and Kerim from the Groop Ltd joined the Heard, kind of a super group from the area. What you have may be an attempt to rebuld the Groop Ltd. After Kerim left, Jake would probably know.

2 - where were the groups based (eg. Rochester, or elsewhere)?

The Heard, The Groop Ltd, The Invictas, were all Rochester based also The Preechers. This group was Gary Quin Lead Singer and Guitar, John Williamson. Lead guitar, Bob Eckel, drims, Bill Nowik on Guitar, Jim Condon on Bass. I think, Gary could give a better summary there. This group was about Gary and his singing ability. I think you have a regrouping Preechers or even someone using the name not the original group. Gary didn’t recall recording there.

3 - who were the leaders/songwriters in the groups?

Primary in the Heard Jeff Brad and Kerim although we were just starting to get into it and we all produced original material and it was a constant merging of effort. Groop Ltd it was Kerim primarily and Jake.
Invictas The driving force was Herbie Gross lead singer and promoter. Herb may be around Rochester and has been a successful advertiser or promoter I think. You might be able to run him down. They had a big hit called the Hump and tried to go national. Jim Coller was Bass, Dave Hickey drummer. Can’t remember the lead player. They built a big following at Tiny Bengel’s Inn down near the lake. Theirs was a rowdy frat party kind of sound. Intense and fun.

4 - did they have any interesting stage act or appearance?

Groop Ltd was kind of stationary British approach they came out of Irondequoit a town in the Greater Rochester area and they played primarily teen dances. Invictas was a bar band and Herb used to be on tables and on peoples shoulders etc. Beer Blast and Skip and go Naked kind of get down

5 - at which venues did they appear?

Too many to mention at this point other then the ones I have already mentioned I can give you more later

Best Wishes

Peter G